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Pioneer CDJ 2000 Nexus

Nomor Produk 395
Tersedia 1
Tanggal Publish 03 Oct 2012
Rp. 29.500.000,00
Harga Rp. 29.000.000,00

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Overview Produk

World’s first DJ player to be compatible with mobile devices, by USB or Wi-Fi

Our rekordbox DJ software has already revolutionised set preparation with indispensible features such as BPM analysis, beat grid, Hot Cues, Loops and Quantize. And now DJs are using it to create playlists and store music on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, Android smartphones and tablets.

The CDJ-2000nexus is compatible with both our included rekordbox software, and our rekordbox app – which can be  downloaded free from the App Store (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad) or Google Play Market (Android devices). The player is Wi-Fi compatible, so – in addition to USB – DJs can connect wirelessly from their laptop, PC, iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, Android smartphones and tablets when the player is hard wired to a wireless router.

NEW! Beat Sync for perfect beat matching every time

Hit the Sync button and the CDJ-2000nexus looks at the rekordbox beat grids of music, on up to four connected players, and snaps them to the beat of the master deck. This amazing feature promises to revolutionise performance, freeing DJs up to get truly creative with loops, cues and scratching, or the samples and effects on their mixer.

High-quality Master Tempo keeps sound faithful to the original 

DJs will be truly impressed with Pioneer’s best-ever quality Master Tempo. The CDJ-2000nexus uses a new algorithm to lock the track’s pitch while they manipulate the tempo, for sound that is more faithful to the original tone.

NEW! Wave Zoom for even more detailed information 

In addition to the original Wave display, which lets DJs see the peaks and troughs of the music, the CDJ-2000nexus is the first player to have Wave Zoom for even more precision on loops and cues. And the popular needle search – which lets DJs slide their finger along the ribbon to intuitively access any point in the track – is now illuminated for improved visibility in the booth.




"URS-PRO Makin OKE ... Terima Kasih Atas Pelayanan Pengiriman Paketnya ... Tepat Waktu ... "

"wah URS tambah ajib aj ni,
congrats yah pak..."
Adhi, LaMusica (Tebet Raya No.58b Lt.3)

"Keren Web-nya... mudah2an kedepannya cara pembayaran bisa dengan cicilan kartu kredit... ;) "
joey , Reborn Operational Manager / DJ (rungkut asri tengah 19 sby)