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Our HardBody CD cases were designed to be the absolute best storage cases on the market. We started with the outer shell, engineering them from Duro-Shock xEVA , a rugged but not rigid material that protects your discs from fire, water and being banged around. We then laminated the shells with rich fabrics to insure a high-end look and feel. The inside of the case features our patented d2 Layered Pockets, which is a layered pocket system that enables you to store your discs and covers in dedicated pockets, so you can keep your coveted liner notes while saving at least 100% space (when compared to standard jewel cases). Every page is stitched (not sonic sealed), to insure they do not tear like typical CD pages. If you want to step-up to our patented d2i Interlocking Pages, you get the same layered pockets but now can slide-n-lock each individual square to one another, allowing you to easily sort your collection and move each square to any other SLAPPA d2i case OR d2i box. And if you have “double-disc” sets (like concert CD’s) we have our patented d3i pages, that can slide-n-lock to our d2i pages. In short, this is the most flexible disc storage on the market today.

The 240 HardBody PRO is ideal for 120 discs and 120 covers or 240 discs (if covers are not stored). Combined with a velvet lined interior, our spine labeling system, a disc cleaning cloth and industrial strength zipper teeth and 2 molded zipper pullers, we feel quite strong that these are the best disc storage cases on the market.




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joey , Reborn Operational Manager / DJ (rungkut asri tengah 19 sby)

"Mantap deh Pak David, sukses ya :)"
Setiadi Chandra , distributor (Gading Bukit Indah M/2)

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Dodo Abdullah , producer, DJ (pops musik)