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The TC-Helicon VoiceLive Play is a simple and fun vocal harmony and effects processor that lets you sound just like your favourite artists. It goes far beyond any other processor in delivering hit sounds, while providing instant and creative results.

Think of the VoiceLive Play as collection of the best producers in the world combined with TC-Helicon's ground-breaking vocal technology. Together, they are dedicated to making you sound amazing on and off the stage. Use the adaptive tone technology to intelligently control the Shape EQ and Dynamics of your voice to provide the perfect balance. The adaptive gate can also be used to help suppress feedback and reduce bleed.

Load complex vocal chains quickly using the the Genre function. Browse a huge selection of presets either music genre or effect type. The Play includes all the classic VoiceLive processors such as: automatic backing harmonies, vocal double tracking, pristine EQ and compression, lush reverbs, hard-tuned robo-voice, and many, many more. The VoiceLive Play also features the performance-inspired HIT function for building intensity into any vocal. Every preset has a HIT layer that adds additional processing on top. Perfect for stepping up a gear in choruses.

The intuitive VoiceLive Play listens to your music using Auto Key technology, senses and adapts to your music either via the aux input or built in RoomSense microphones. Building harmonies and pitch correction that fits perfectly with your music. The VoiceLive Play also features a practice mode to help you improve your singing giving you statistics, as you improve your accuracy score gets better. In addition, you can plug-in and practice using the Vocal Cancel function and your music player. Allowing you to record and play back your singing via USB and your computer.




"Wah Congrat ya Pak..Barang2 nya bagus punya..Masih masukin Vinyl ga? sukses terus!!!"
Rakazt , Dj (Jakarta)

"Congrats utk online storenya ya vid ;)
Masih jual vinyl2 ga? Mau dong list vinyl2 techno-nya..2nd juga ga papa. All the best,dude"
indra7 (Jakarta)

"Wah canggih david sudah mulai jualan di dunia maya!! Selamat yah!!! "
Roy Xspinn (Bogor)