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Easier than ever
With a completely redesigned user interface, VoiceLive 2 is easy to use whether you're looking for one preset or a creative sequence of sounds for every song.
    * Wizard button helps you find the right preset
    * Stompbox access to six effect blocks
    * One button access to global Tone, Pitch and Guitar FX
    * Easy editing of all parameters
    * Simple preset chaining with Step feature
    * USB for updates, back-ups and audio streaming
Complete connectivity
VoiceLive 2 has the most complete connectivity of any vocal floor processor.
    * Guitar input with auto-mix , Guitar FX as well as transparent pass-thru
    * Stereo 1/8" (MP3 player ) input
    * Stereo XLR, 1/4" and Headphone outputs
    * MIDI in, out and thru
    * Expression pedal input
    * USB for updates, back-up and audio streaming
New NaturalPlay harmonies
Whether you play guitar, a MIDI keyboard or no instrument at all, VoiceLive 2 has brilliant vocal harmonies for you.
    * Control harmonies with guitar, MIDI or MP3 input
    * Up to 8 voices with MIDI keyboard control or 4 doubled harmonies
    * All new algorithm is smooth and natural even for extreme vocal styles
    * Auto sensing of harmony control instrument

More power, voices & effects
VoiceLive 2 contains virtually all the effects necessary to produce any vocal sounds of decades past, and into the future.
    * 5X processing power of typical floor processor
    * Separate harmony and doubling blocks
    * New reverb, tap delay, Mod
    * FX block for T-Pain effect, megaphone, distortion
    * Global effects including Tone, pitch correction, and Guitar FX
    * All effects can be used simultaneously

An engineer that listens
Like a great audio engineer, VoiceLive 2 listens to you and adjusts to make your voice sound smooth and produced.
    * Tone tailors adaptive EQ, compression and de-ess to your voice
    * Adaptive gate reduces mic input when you're not singing
    * Digital mic-gain control is engaged with your feet
    * 205 factory presets
    * Memory for 400 presets
    * 10 steps per preset
    * 10 footswitches
    * Detailed editing
    * Wizard for choosing presets
    * Dedicated effect block on/off




"Wah Congrat ya Pak..Barang2 nya bagus punya..Masih masukin Vinyl ga? sukses terus!!!"
Rakazt , Dj (Jakarta)

"Wah canggih david sudah mulai jualan di dunia maya!! Selamat yah!!! "
Roy Xspinn (Bogor)

"Mantap deh Pak David, sukses ya :)"
Setiadi Chandra , distributor (Gading Bukit Indah M/2)